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Lpg conversions - Burwood (vic)

SOUTH EASTERN AUTOMOTIVE is a business registered with the AAFRB. We specialise in fitting Eurogas LPG Kits to vehicles, and these are obtained from the Australian LPG Warehouse.

The three different types of kits available are:

  • Traditional system / Venturi system – This type of kit is a budget system and is well suited for older vehicles (pre 2003 year model).
  • Sequential Vapour Injection System – If your vehicle is newer than a 2003 model, this kit is suitable for you! It provides reduced power loss and helps you make more fuel economy than the budget system.
  • JTG Liquid Injection – Want a premium LPG system for your vehicle? Get this one! It is perfect for newer vehicles and helps you gain power over petrol systems. You can be sure to make at least 10% better economy than Vapour Injection.

How do the Eurogas LPG Kits work?

  • Automatically operated
  • Start on petrol and automatically change over to LPG gas
  • No input from the driver needed
  • Keep the fuel pump running at all times

What are the Benefits?

  • Easier to start
  • Help maintain the condition of the fuel system (injectors and fuel pump, specifically)
  • Give peace of mind (in emergency situations petrol is always in an operational condition if required)
  • Come with a 3 year or 100,000km (whichever comes first) warranty on components
  • Contact us to know more. We also provide marine repair services.